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2019 show results /  Résultats des concours 2019 :

Nous avons eu une autre belle année en concours , entre les concours réguliers et le spécialité Régional Bulldog , le booster et notre première sortie au Nouveau Brunswick cette année 🙂

2019, a  succesfull year for Jolibully team with the regular shows, the speciality and Booster in Brome, Quebec, and our first show in New Brunswick. And also with Bruno we sold in USA , and Wimpy that we bred was World Champion bitch … this is photos and some detailed results:

-Jolibully Madame Huguette got her CH and her Grand Championship this year and she was BOS at BCC Quebec speciality and Booster Quebec 🙂 (by EDGAR (Milton X Diva) and ALEESIA. Bred by Jolibully, co-owned with Line Gagnon , shown by Marie-Eve Jolin and Bernard Gagnon.

-Jolibully Sir Zeus Of Windermere got his Grand Championship this year and he won BPIB at the BCC Quebec Speciality show 🙂 (by GCH Deckers Young Gun  X  Jolibully Baby Boo). Bred by Erika Jolin and Jolibully, owned by Melinda Minnis (Windermere Bulldogs) shown by Marie-Eve Jolin.

-Majestic Man In The Mirror at Jolibully got 8 pts in 3 shows and got BOB at Quebec Sweepstake show in June. Bred by Shalisa Neely , shown by Marie-Eve Jolin and Beranrd Gagnon.

-Jolibully Scarlett is MBBPIS and will be shown in 2020 : Sire: SWOOSH , out of our GCH Diva. Bred by Jolibully. Owned and shown by Marie-Eve Jolin.

– Jolibully Hashtag QbecBulldog got her championship really fast and is MBBPIS 🙂 Sire: GCH Qbecbulldogs Shining Like Dash. Dam: Adicted 2 Karma (by Prince Marcus). Bred by Jolibully , co-owned with Sabrina Labrie , Jean-Christophe Boulinguez and Karine Gobeil.

-Gina Lola at Windermere got 6 pts. and BPIG by GCH Deckers Young Gun “Gunner” x GCH Jolibully Holy Dior. Owned by Melinda Minnis, Windermere Bulldogs.

-Jolibully Shesouttayourleague “WIMPY” won title of  WORLD CHAMPION BITCH, owned by Antonio Almeida. She is a daughter of Jolibully Baby Boo. Bred by Jolibully. 

-Jolibully 24K Kid “BRUNO” got some WD BOW in USA shown by Jay Serion and by co-owner ASHLEY WALL:) by Bluemount Silver Spirit “BOBO” , out of our GCH Eva 🙂 Bred by Jolibully . Co-owned with Ashley Wall.

-Bluemount Jolibully Limitless did great in puppies and baby also and got his CH title with his owner 🙂 Sire: GCH Bluemount Silver Spirit “BOBO” Dam: Bluemount Silver Shadow “Dora” . Bred by Jolibully. Owned by Shyanne Polley, WeiWei Shen and Jay Shen. 


2018 show results /  Résultats des concours 2018 :

2018 a été une superbe année pour nous en concours , à partir du Championnat Nationnal Bulldog du Canada , jusqu’au dernier concours à Terrebonne en Septembre avec le Booster:)

2018 has been a wonderful year again fir us , from the National Bulldog Show in Ontario to the last show of the year for us at the Bulldog Booster at Terrebonne 🙂 

Two of our girls got their New Champion title and one Grand Champion  and also we got some BBPIS with Bruno that is with Ashley Wall in USA now and we also got 2 Boosters BOB …etc… 

-Jolibully Margaux got BPIB at the Booster during the National Bulldog Show weekend in Ontario , and got her Grand Championship with multiple placing in Group and also MBPIG in few shows during the year 🙂 She finished 10 on the Breed ranking Canada (Top 5 ranking females (4th) / Jolibully Margaux a gagné BPIB au  Booster pendant le weekend du  National Bulldog Show en Ontario et elle a aussi eu son titre de Grand Championnat avec plusieurs placements de Groupe et aussi MBPIG en peu de concours pendant l’année:) Elle termine au 10ième rang au Canada dans la race Bulldog (Top 5 femelles (4th))

Sire: CH BBAD Captain Morgan , owned by Janet Coates .

Dam: Jolibully Baby Boo , producer of 2 Grand Champions .

Bred by Jolibully , snown by Marie-Eve Jolin and Bernard Gagnon .

-Jolibully Sweet Litchie got her Championship title in 2 shows ! Co-owned with Melanie Courtemanche . / Jolibully Sweet Litchie a eu son Championnat en juste 2 concours! 

Sire: MBISS GCH Delenclos Cherokee Milton , owned by Knut and Christine Pelzer .

Dam: GCH Jolibully Holy Diva 

Bred and shown by Marie-Eve Jolin, Jolibully .

-Jolibully Panda Poe got his Philippines Grand Championship title with his new owner ! / Jolibully Panda Poe a eu son Grand Championnat aux Philippines avec son nouveau propriétaire  !

Sire: MBISS GCH Delenclos Cherokee Milton , owned by Knut and Christine Pelzer .

Dam: GCH Jolibully Holy Diva 

Bred by Marie-Eve Jolin, Jolibully .

-Jolibully Madame Huguette got her first points at her first show !  / Jolibully Madame Huguette a remporté ses premiers points à son premier concours, ainsi que BPIG ! 

Sire: Jolibully Mr Edgar (GCH Delenclos Cherokee Milton  X  GCH Jolibully Holy Diva)

Dam: Drake’s Aleesia Of Jolibully (pointed, full sister of Grand Champions)

Shown by Marie-Eve Jolin and Bernard Gagnon

Co-owned with Line Gagnon

-Gina Lola Of Windermere Got BOW , Winner Bitch at her first show and got her first 2 pts ! / Gina Lola Of Windermere a gagné Meilleur des femelles et meilleur des gagnants à son premier concours !

-Sire: GCH Deckers Young Gun “Gunner”

Dam: GCH Jolibully Holy Dior 

Bred and shown by : Marie-Eve Jolin

Owned by Melinda Minnis, Windermere Bulldogs

-GCH Deckers Young Gun “Gunner” Got BOB at the Booster during the National Show Weekend , shown by Edgar Choi in Ontario and got BOS at the Booster Quebec Show in Terrebonne , shown by Knut Pelzer! 

-Owned by Melinda Minnis, Windermere Bulldogs.


2017 show results /  Résultats des concours 2017  :


-MBBPIG MBPIG CH Deckers Young Gun “Gunner” got his GRAND CHAMPIONSHIP ! / “Gunner” est maintenant Grand Champion Canadien! 🙂 

Sire: MBISS GCH Wilson’s I’m Your Handyman “Decker”

Dam: CH Windsong Farm Jubalant Diamond “Cookie” 

Bred by Pat L Brown, Christine and Jay Serion and Ron Villafuerte, Owned by Melinda Minnis, partner with Marie-Eve Jolin.

-Jolibully Panda Poe got his first BPIG and has now 5 pts. “Poe” got also 3 BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW in 2 weekends !   /  ” POE” a gagné le meilleur show de l’exposition 3 fois en 2 fin de semaines de concours ! Il a aussi gagné son premier BPIG et il a maintenant 5 pts 🙂

Owned by Angel Labrador, Philipinnes, and bred by us (Jolibully Bulldogs)

Sire: MBIS GCH Delenclos Cherokee Mitlon 

Dam: MBBPIG MPIG CH Jolibully Holy Diva

Handler: Marie-Eve Jolin

-Jolibully Sweete Litchie got 1 BEST BABY PUPPY IN SHOW in her first time out ! 🙂   /  Notre belle “Litchie” a gagné meilleur bébé chiot de l’exposition à sa première sortie ! 🙂

Owned/Bred by Marie-Eve Jolin Jolibully Bulldogs, now co-owned with Mélanie Courtemanche .

Sire: MBIS GCH Delenclos Cherokee Mitlon 

Dam: MBBPIG MPIG CH Jolibully Holy Diva

Handler: Marie-Eve Jolin

-MBBPIG CH Jolibully Holy Dior got her Grand Championship!  /  “Dior” est maintenant Grande Championne Canadienne ! 🙂

-Sire: MBISS GCH Imperious Hamitup Holy Diver “Dio”

-Dam: MPIG CH BBAD Jasmine Of Jolibullly

Owner: Melinda Minnis, Windermere Bulldogs, FL.

Breeder / handler: Marie-Eve Jolin, Jolibully Bulldogs.

-MBPIG CH Secret To A Kiss “Cristal” got her GRAND championship! / “Cristal” est  maintenant Grande Champione Canadienne ! 🙂 

-Sire: MBISS GCH Wilson’s I’m Your Handyman “Decker”

-Dam: Segreto’s Miss Independant Violet Girl

Owner: Melinda Minnis, Windermere Bulldogs, FL.

Breeder: Tony Segreto.

Handler: Marie-Eve Jolin, Jolibully Bulldogs.

– Jolibully Mr Edgar ) (same litter than Jolibully Panda Poe) got 2 BBPIG on his first time out….Owned by Emanuelle Linteau. Bred by Jolibully Bulldogs. Another Milton and Diva puppy 🙂


They will be shown by Marie-Eve Jolin with the help of Bernard Gagnon , Jolibully Bulldogs , and  Jean-Christophe Boulinguez with Gunner in some shows. 


2016 was an amazing year for us in the show ring and has a breeder. Our Bulldogs and Dogs/puppies we sold got 4 Grand Champion titles 🙂  3 are just at some pts of their GCH titles.  / Nous avons eu une superbe année 2016 , car 4 Bulldogs issus de notre élevage ont aquit leur titre de Grand Champion et trois en sont juste à quelques points pour avoir leur titre de GCH !

Our girl “Jasmine” has produce 2 Grand Champions , and 3 Champions in the same litter (on 9 puppies)  the sire of the litter was “Dio” Imperious Hamitup Holy Diver.

Our girl Chivas has produced 1 Grand Champion and 1 Champion in the same litter (on 3 puppies) the sire of the litter was Drake of Qbec Bulldog.

Thanks to me wonderfull helper at shows/partner in my  live:  BERNARD GAGNON 🙂

2016 Show Results of our puppies and Bulldogs that we sold to show homes:


2015 Show results of our Bulldogs, and Bulldogs we sold to show homes :

6 CH title winners:

On the pictures :Our puppies and puppies sold to show home and/or co-owned with us! Result for 2015 show season!


2014 Show results:

“Jasmine” ( CH bbad Jasmine Of Jolibullly ) à l’âge de 4 ans, et après avoir eu 2 portées, a réussit à avoir son Championnat , ainsi que quelques titres comme :Meilleur des gagnants , meilleur de la race, 3 ième en Groupe. 

“JASMINE” ( CH bbad Jasmine Of Jolibully ) ,at the age of 4 and after had 2 litters , got her champion title in a few shows, with a major , a 3rd in group , best of winners , best of breed! 


Jasmine first show as a puppy.