Portées nées en Août 2020

  • GCH Jolibully Holy Diva (GCH MBISS Imperious Hamitup Holy Diver “DIO”  X  CH BBAD Jasmine of Jolibully) …. with MAJESTIC MAN IN THE MIRROR AT JOLIBULLY “JACKSON”  
  • GCH Jolibully Marguaux….with Jolibully I don`t Care “SNOOP” (Son of Swoosh  x  our GCH girl Diva)
  • Majestic Alaska of Jolibully “ESKA” …with Jolibully Mr Oscar (by son of Milton  x  Diva)
  • Jolibully Athena … with Jolibully I Dont Care “SNOOP” (son of Swoosh and Diva)